CITA Foundation

CITA Foundation is a charity formed by the Founder & proprietor of the CITA International School. Its vision is to reach out to the less privileged such as widows, motherless children as well as orphans. The foundation carries out missions in Liberia where it has been involved in the renovation of orphanages ravaged by the civil war as well as schools linked to such orphanages and the provision of drinking water through the sinking of boreholes as well as school supplies to these schools.

CITA foundation has partnered with schools in India to provide school supplies and learning resources where need. In Nigeria, the foundation has partnered with budding schools to train teachers who in turn apply what they have learnt from their training to provide quality education to children for which they have been entrusted into their care. CITA Foundation also partners with a missionary school in the South Eastern Nigerian City of Uyo in Akwa Ibom state to provide school supplies and classroom equipment. CITA foundation has also been involved with a community school in the town of Akassa, situated in Bayelsa State which is part of the Niger Delta in Southern Nigeria providing training to teachers as well as classroom equipment.  The Foundation also partners with selected charities to fund children who desire quality education but cannot afford it by providing scholarships for these children so that they too can be equipped with all that they need to do their part in making a difference in their societies and the world.

Outside of the life of children CITA foundation also reaches out to widows. Every Christmas, the foundation sends food supplies to widows in Rivers State and its environs. The foundation believes that children without parents, a wife without a husband, children who dream to become something in life but cannot afford to do so are no less than the people who have all these privileges at their disposal. We believe that the less privileged should not be deprived of the right to achieve their dreams and aspirations. We are committed to restoring lost futures!!!