The CITA SENU is the Special Education Needs Unit of the school. This unit as the name implies caters for children with special education needs such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, Autism and in some cases children that are speech, hearing and visually impaired. In a society where such children are treated as outcasts due to a lack of understanding, our mission is to educate parents and the general public that these children are no different from those classed as normal. The only thing that makes them seemingly different is their handicaps. In actual fact they have the same intellects and abilities as a normal child does. The vision of the Special Education Needs Unit is to find the best way for which children with special needs can express themselves as well reintegrate these children into main stream education either within CITA or without.

The Unit continually looks to improve itself and has done so by attending the National Association for Special Education Needs (NASEN) conference which takes place every year in Bolton, United Kingdom. The conference has and still serves as an avenue for the Special Education Needs Unit in broadening its knowledge of the special needs that are out there as well as helping our teachers understand, spot and assist children with special needs. At CITA we believe no child should be left out, EVERY child is a precious pearl!