CITA Primary

The primary section comprise 5 classes- Primary 1- Primary 5

Children are placed in arms according to the number of students in that Class.

Just like the Nursery Department children are expected to be the right age for their requested classes by the 31st of August before the beginning of a new session in September.

Primary 1 - 6years

Primary 2 - 7years

Primary 3 - 8years

Primary 4 - 9years

Primary 5 - 10years

Cita aims to achieve a one on one method of teaching the students and hence does not encourage a large number of students in one classroom or to one teacher.

The same rule applies for number of students per class, as in the Nursery Department

1 teacher is assigned to a class in the primary since the students are more independent and mature to carry out activities that would have required adult assistance in the Nursery.

Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP)
The Camebridge International Primary Programme is part of the British Curriculum developed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations. The programme helps in the development of Skills in English, Mathematics and Sciences. In the final year of primary school the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Examinations is administered by the University of Cambridge International Examinations to test the pupils' skills in the above mentioned areas.
Prior to the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Examinations the Cambridge Primary Progression Test is administered by the school in conjuntion with the University of Cambridge International Examinations to determine the readiness of the students for the exams as well as to determine how much work is required to ensure that the pupil achieves success in the exams.
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